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If you are missing one or more teeth or are unhappy with your current dentures, all-on-four implants may be the perfect solution for you. Our experienced team of dental professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile through the use of all-on-four implants. With our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced techniques, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality care and the best possible results.


All-on-four dental implant services offer a permanent, comfortable, and natural-looking solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth. They provide improved stability and function compared to traditional dentures, and do not require the use of adhesives.

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Expert Care

At EPIC Dental Implants Center, our team of experienced dental professionals is dedicated to providing expert care to all of our patients. We use advanced techniques and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care and the best possible results from their all-on-four implant treatment.

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One Day, One Place

Single day dental implants are a convenient and efficient option for patients who want to restore their oral function as quickly as possible.

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About All-On-Four Dental Implants

What are all-on-four dental implants?

All-on-four dental implants are a permanent and highly effective treatment option for missing or damaged teeth. They involve the placement of four dental implants into the jawbone, which act as anchors for a full arch of replacement teeth. All-on-four implants provide a stable and natural-feeling bite, and are custom-made to match the patient's natural teeth for a natural-looking smile.

How do all-on-four dental implants work?

The all-on-four dental implant process begins with a consultation with a dental professional to determine if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. If the patient is a suitable candidate, the dental implants are placed into the jawbone using a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Once the implants are in place, the patient will need to wait for them to heal and integrate with the jawbone, which can take several months. Once the implants are fully healed, the replacement teeth are attached to the implants, providing the patient with a full set of functional and natural-looking teeth.

Benefits of all-on-four dental implants

All-on-four dental implants offer numerous benefits to patients. They provide a permanent solution for missing or damaged teeth, and offer improved stability and function compared to traditional dentures. All-on-four implants are also more comfortable and convenient than dentures, as they do not require the use of adhesives and can be cared for like natural teeth. Additionally, all-on-four implants have aesthetic advantages, as the replacement teeth are custom-made to match the patient's natural teeth, giving them a natural-looking smile. Overall, all-on-four dental implants can greatly improve a patient's quality of life and self-confidence.

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